Curriculum Writing

From a model personal finance curriculum for a state department of education to individual lesson plans for use in an elementary school classroom, HHFEC has spearheaded curriculum development projects at every level and on a myriad of personal topics. Most projects are white-labeled and most do not reference HHFEC. 

Volunteer Resources

​​Have employees or other volunteers that know their stuff but need help making it relevant to a younger audience? Helping content experts engage students is one of our specialties. We've worked with bankers, accountants, bankruptcy judges and more to help them share what they know with students from Kindergarten to college.  



Credit Abuse Resistance Education Curriculum

Client: Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) 

Type: Curriculum writing and volunteer resources

Making Cents

Client: Penn State University in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Type: Professional development; curriculum writing; surveys and research

Featured Projects

Adept at taking projects from concept development through to implementation and evaluation, Hilary Hunt Financial Education Consulting serves organizations at any and every stage of their financial education project. Wondering how your organization can improve its financial education program? Looking to enter the financial education arena, but just not sure where to start or what gaps you might fill? Want to deliver professional development in the area of personal finance but don't have the resources on board to deliver it? Have a group of teachers that need professional development in the area of financial education? Want to publish financial education curriculum for a specific audience? Get in touch.   


While HHFEC concentrates its financial education consulting in the four areas below, we're always open to talking about your needs. If our skill sets aren't a match for your project or our plate is just too full to take it on, we have an extensive network of financial education experts and will likely be able to help you find a good fit. 

Cents and Sensibility

Client: Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

Type: Curriculum writing and processional development

Teach Children to Save

Client: American Bankers Association Education Foundation

Type: Curriculum writing and volunteer resources

Areas of Focus

Math Behind the Market

Client: The Stock Market Game

Type: Curriculum writing


Pathway to Financial Success

Client: Discovery Education in partnership with Discover

Type: Curriculum writing and professional development

​Professional Development​
​HHFEC has developed numerous financial education training programs for teachers and other professionals ranging from one-time, topic-specific programs to weeklong residential programs.

Surveys and Research 

A self-proclaimed data geek and number cruncher, Hilary enjoys digging into issues. She has conducted surveys and research projects on a variety of financial and investor education topics each of which has shed light on new issues and opened avenues for program development and enhancement.