Hilary has spoken to hundreds of groups over her years in the field of financial education. Below are just some of the organizations that have asked Hilary to present for them. 


  • Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco
  • United State Treasury
  • President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy
  • White House Summit on Financial Literacy
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners
  • National Financial Education Network
  • North American Securities Administrators Association
  • Numerous state Jump$tart Coalitions for Personal Financial Literacy
  • Pennsylvania Governor's Institute on Financial Education
  • Pennsylvania Governor's Institute for the Social Studies
  • Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Pennsylvania Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Pennsylvania Business Education Association
  • Community Action Association of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Commonwealth Housing Forum
  • Numerous intermediate units across Pennsylvania

A favorite of hers was “Taking the Eek Out of Economics” — a program she developed for elementary school teachers to meet the state’s new economics standards.  

In recent years, Hilary has focused on developing white-labeled financial education resources for corporate and non-profit clients. Pathway to Financial Success (Discovery Education and Discover Financial Services) and Teach Children to Save (American Bankers Association) are among the comprehensive financial education programs Hilary has had the pleasure of developing. Other clients include the National Endowment for Financial Education, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Credit Abuse Resistance Education, SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education (The Stock Market Game), National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, Heinz Endowments, Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Department of Education in cooperation with Penn State University. 

In addition to her curriculum development work and classroom teaching experience, Hilary spent five years as the first director of the Pennsylvania Office of Financial Education. Working closely with cabinet members, legislators, and others, she sought to increase the availability and quality of financial education in Pennsylvania schools, communities, and workplaces. 

Over the years, Hilary has served on numerous education-related boards of directors, advisory boards, and task forces. At present, she serves as treasurer of the Pennsylvania Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy and on the board of Penn State’s Sokolov-Miller Family Financial and Life Skills Center. Hilary holds a bachelor of science degree in mathematics from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and a master of science in education entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Hilary resides in southcentral Pennsylvania with her husband (who follows the market more closely than she does), two high-school-aged children (with considerably different approaches to money management), and her beloved grandmother (who despite never using a debit card now marvels at Venmo). 

The Team

Hilary builds teams of educators, graphic designers, translators, and data crunchers to meet the unique needs of each client and project.  


K-12 Educators

HHFEC has an extensive network of K-12 educators upon whom she calls on to provide support for various projects. Educators can be engaged on the front end of a project to assist in the ideation of program materials. Similarly, they can be involved in the review and/or piloting of materials to ensure that materials are sound and educator-friendly.

Graphic Designers

From giving a presentation an extra level of polish to creating custom graphics for a children's story, HHFEC works with several high-caliber graphic designers with experience in financial education materials. Alternately, we are well-versed in working client design teams, including adherence to style guides and providing input and review of work throughout the design process. 


HHFEC can engage translators to provide both English and Spanish versions of materials. Materials in other languages may be available but should be discussed while scoping a project. 

Other Specialities

Each project is a bit different, and some require additional expertise. From research, data analysis, to additional project management, HHFEC builds a team of professionals to meet client needs and bring as many of the "moving parts" under one proverbial roof.

About Hilary



Hilary Hunt is the owner and lead consultant for Hilary Hunt Financial Education Consulting, LLC (HHFEC). A nationally recognized expert in financial education, Hilary has over two decades of experience in curriculum development, teacher training, and financial education policy. She didn’t set out to work in this field, though. Her passion for financial education began in an 8th-grade Virginia math classroom where she quickly discovered that using real-world applications was the best — and perhaps only — way to hook her hard-to-reach students. With her daily newspaper in hand and a twenty-dollar bill offered to any student that could find a mistake in the change of a stock’s price, she opened her students’ eyes to a world beyond the one they knew — one filled with opportunities for both individuals and businesses and a place where math skills were not just used but valued. 

Hilary harnessed these experiences and her newfound passion for financial education as she relocated to Pennsylvania and assumed the role of Vice President for Program Development at the state affiliate of the National Council for Economic Education. Working with 14 college and university-based centers, she developed and implemented teacher  professional development on a range of topics.